Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Take a left, and then a right, and then a left. If you've hit a pity party, you've gone too far.

I wish that there were more vampire books out. More of a selection. I hate the fact that I have to see if I can go unearth it from the living dead of decades ago. First off, it's kind of cool reading books that isn't common. Secondly, that fact makes it harder for the people who do want to read it. Still, it irks me a bit seeing a whole bunch of reviews for books that I love. But it isn't like I'm the only person on this earth who likes books and uses their eyes. Obviously.

~*~Shattered Mirror by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes~*~
Originality- 7/10
Characters- 17/20
Remembrance- 8/10
Setting- 17/20
Plot- 17/20
Ending- 8/10
Recommend To Read- 7/10
Total- 81/100
Grade- B

(B&N Yep, yep)
Sarah Vida is a witch and a vampire hunter — and a loner. Christopher Ravena is a vampire trying to pass as a normal high school student who wants to know Sarah better.

Oh, I'm glad it made an A. I wasn't sure; I thought it might make the high B's but I guess I was wrong. *shrugs* When I read this, it didn't have this cover. In fact, neither did In The Forests Of The Night. This cover looks more encouraging, but if you happen to see a cover with two guys and a hole in some glass with the same title and author, DO NOT FEAR! Despite the cover, don't judge it by how it looks. It's actually a good book, predictable maybe, but still good. I actually wish I read the one with this cover... Anywho, don't blame me for not remembering names because I had read this one a few weeks back and I'd gotten it from the library. The characters were pretty cool except for their faults which effected them all a hell of a lot. *spoiler* I like/dislike Nikolas (although I wish he'd go back to the original spelling, dammit) because he is a pretty nice guy, per se, but he also has a thing for carving his name into the lucky *snickers* lady he happens to feed from. As if they didn't loose enough blood when he drank their blood. Kid is living in a wickedly violent dream world. And, um, I hate to say it but... this book was a bit skanky. But it wasn't awfully skanky. And you'll love it if you like the vampire version of a three-way (not sex, hons, just lots of blood and necking. hah.) and homemade tattoo's minus the ink or the needle replaced with knives. Yeah, it's pretty violent in my book. It made me feel like I didn't know whether I was going to throw up or like the book. Well, I guess we all know which option I took. I absolutely loved Christopher in the beginning of the book. You knew that he was a vampire, but he was also wonderfully sweet and... *swoon* so you get my point. The book was pretty fast paced and I liked things from Sarah's POV because she's a cool girl and pretty relatable. Well, aside from the fact that she's a vamp hunter and a witch. Technicalities, technicalities. I did like the ending though, even if it didn't end the way I want. But, then, endings usually don't go my way. I'm not the author, after all. I have to give my props to Atwater-Rhodes. She's a pretty darned good writer.

Wait, wait. I am SO sorry if anyone is or is a fan of Amelia Atwater-Rhodes and I don't want to offend but I just figured out (yes, i'm that slow) her name says At water roads? Yeah? Weird...



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