Sunday, December 14, 2008

Interview With That Teen!

In the spirit of my favorite genre for one month, I decided to interview a friend and fellow blogger. Get to know Amanda from That Teen Can Blog! in this interview/conversation.

When did you start reading seriously?

Probably in 7th grade. Please don't kick me.

What got you reviewing?

Kelsey from Reading Keeps You Sane *waves hi*.

Why did you want to review?

Because I liked the idea of being able to suggest (force) people to read some books that I like, and spread my opinion. Or be able to direct someone away (push) from certain books as well.

If you were stuck alone on a god awful field trip with nothing to do, what books would you bring to entertain yourself? (limit of three)

OMG OMG. Too hard. *bites nails* If I must choose I would go with Twilight by Stephenie Meyer due to it's length and action, This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen due to Dexter and its ability to make me smile. And last but not least Fly On the Wall by E. Lockhart due to the fact that I can re-read it MANY times and not get bored.

Do you plan to continue reviewing when you're done with high school?

Most likely. It's something I really enjoy doing, so I don't know why not. Unless i somehow get really busy with Law School, nursing school, or some other random thing.

What are some of your favorite books? Authors?

Oh my. Okay, not counting the ones i've metioned before I would have to say (including but not limited to) Anything Sarah Dessen, Ellen Hopkins, E. Lockhart, or Rachel Vail. The Key to the Golden Firebird, King Dork, The Pretty Little Liars Series, Nick and Norah's Infinate Playlist, and definately Thirteen Reasons Why.

What are your favorite genres?

Besides YA? Do I need to be more specific?


Okay. Family issues, or any "problem books" like abuse, drugs, or suicide. Love stories, mysteries, or just plain self realization.


I like books that make me think. Think about problems that are possible I might eventually have. I like books that make me smile, which would be love stories or something funny. And I like books with a "whodunnit".

Why do you love books? Why do you think that everyone needs to read?

For me books are like my own personal adventure. I can go, see or go through anything that i want to. It's like an escape from the real world. Everyone needs to read because there is so much to learn. Not just vocab words, but how NOT to treat people, or maybe just a new joke. Everyone can get SOMETHING out of reading a good book.

Why do you think that people avoid reading? And not just because they're lazy, because we're lazy.

Oh of course we are. Lots of people find reading "boring" which is just absurd. I think they're just not reading the right books for them. Because most school library books are very outdated and "clean". And let's face it, most people we know like it Dirty.

Would you ever like to write a book for teens like us?

What? Of COURSE!!

Okay, if you could jump into the world of any fantasy book, what would it be? And don't just say Twilight because you're afraid that the fans will kill you, please.

Any FANTASY book? Umm okay. I would choose Evernight cause I LAUGH in the face of danger fwahaha! (notice the Lion King reference?)

Yes, Amanda, we all get it. Now, do you need to be talked down from that creepy cliff you're on?

What do you think of the stereotypical vampire?

I think it's needed. Without it no authors would have a base to begin with. You need that stereotypical so when people read a different idea, the author can believe they gasp and think "That's not what I thought 5 minutes ago! This is creative!".

If you could create your own perfect vampire, what would they be like?

Oh no. How could i answer this? I guess i would make them bad and kind of perverted. He (yes he) would drink human blood. I'd practically throw myself at him, and he'd kill me. Now I'm dead. Thanks Tay.

You're welcome. At least you had fun before he killed you.

Yeah. His cold body was SOOO comforting.

Not all vamps are cold.

Not all humans (me) have this knowledge. I've only read like 4 different vampire books. Sheesh.

If you were ever confronted by a vampire would you run? Attack? Let him (yes, HIM) drink you like a slurpee? Or other? And if other, then what?

Hmm. I'd try to talk to him first but if he gave me thirsty eyes, then I'd call on Jacob. Haha, just kidding. I'd run after the thirsty eyes most likely.

Too bad you'd die anyway, yeah? If you had the choice to either become a vampire or die what would you do?

Vampire!!! Fo sho!

Wouldn't it be weird if vampires layed eggs?

Aren't they already weird?

If you were stuck on an island with a vampire and he (Yes, HE) was the type who was working on not killing you, what would you do?

I'd do the dirty with him. Heh OR better yet, make him turn me into a vampire! Wait up here though. Why are we stuck on an island? Can't he like swim really fast to a vastly populated area?

He was the nice kind, so he couldn't just leave you. You were on a ship and were shipwrecked while you were asleep. He saved you, since you were the only one who had a chance at living. Work with that.

Okay then. he makes me one of "them".

God, doesn't that sound like such a romance novel, though?

Too bad.

Why do you think that such a vast majority of people in these past decades are so obsessed with vampires?

Ummm...because they're hot? Not literally of course.

Maybe they are. But shouldn't there be deeper reasons than superficial crap?

Not that I know of dearie.




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