Monday, November 17, 2008

M.I.A.? Mayyyybe. Nope, not really.

I am not missing in action. That wouldn't even make any sense. ....? No, I'm just lazy. I have Elsewhere to review, but gosh not today. Sorry, people, sorry. BUT I am happy to say that this weekend was awesome. Amanda and I went to the Twilight Borders party, and I won a keychain as a door prize. Sure, a keychain isn't much but the point is: I GOT MORE THAN SOMEONE WHO DIDN'T WIN. (unless they went shopping, then, okay) Aaaaand, at this party, I was scouring the aisles of the YA section as usual and--BAM! The second volume of my favorite series has been released! Omigosh! So, I had to get it. And I did. I'll go into detail later. And when I say later, I don't mean today as later. And finally, I show up at school and my friend Jessica bought me the Twilight Soundtrack! The only person who I'm friends with that could top my weekend is probably Amanda and her smug but awesome new books. I want your books Amanda!

But, it's cool, 'cause I already own Evernight and I've already read The Summoning. You'll have to let me borrow your books someday.

So, I need to clean my room. Then tomorrow, I hope to review Elsewhere, and believe me, you guys deserve it. It's an awesome book.
Oh, my, it's getting a tad late if I still want to clean my room.

Must run, cupcakes.


Amanda said...

No school today tay.