Monday, November 24, 2008

Destination: Elsewhere

I am truly sorry for not posting in a while. I took a trip to Procrastination Nation, and I hadn't come back since now. Well, today, that is, since I was sick and had a day off school, basically. That was a lot of commas. Whoa. Anyway, I'm done giving excuses so we can move on to....

~*~Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin~*~
Is it possible to grow up while getting younger?

This story is about a girl named Liz who died because she didn't look both ways while crossing the street. She wakes up the next day on the (i think) S.S. Nile with another girl her age. What she doesn't realize--and won't accept--is that she is dead and this cruise ship is taking her to the afterlife, named Elsewhere. Elsewhere is a place that is basically like Earth. You can have jobs, friends, a spouse, a house, a car, it's all the same really. Except, in Elsewhere, instead of growing up, you get younger. From the age that you die, you slowly revert back and back until you are a baby and they take you back to Earth. Liz goes to Elsewhere and meets her grandmother who died before they could ever meet. Liz also meets many others, like the lead singer of one of her favorite bands, and a dog who wants an owner. In the beginning, Liz refuses to believe that she is dead, and once she does, she doesn't want to give up her old life. She observes her family almost everyday, and doesn't care about anything else. When she remembers that her dad's birthday is coming up, she commits a crime and goes to a place called the Well. It is forbidden to go there because you can mess with Earth people's lives there and create trouble. When there, Liz tells her brother to retrieve a present Liz had bought for her father from her room, but in the end it doesn't turn out well. After this, she meets a guy named Owen (he is also the officer dude who busted Liz at the Well, but whatev). They fall in love, all howdy-doo, but then Owen's wife comes along... Well, eventually Liz and Owen get back together, but it isn't clear if they are "together" or not. My favorite part of the book was near the end when it focuses on Liz getting younger. Especially the ending page... *sigh* But, gosh, I loved this book so much. Liz really annoyed me how she wouldn't get over her Earth life, and Owen annoyed me how when his wife died and came to Elsewhere, he chose her over Liz. It was ridiculous! But otherwise, I really can't complain much, and I do love a happy ending after all. You people need to read this! Read it! The whole Elsewhere situation was cool. Like, I'd never really thought about the different possibilities of an afterlife, not like this anyway. I practically cried at the end, which is amazing, because I supposedly have a heart of stone.
Read Elsewhere! It's enough to melt a heart of stone! *_*
Since the whole blog and picture thing is very time consuming (insert picture, backspace, backspace, backspace, sigh...), I shall only give it a letter grade since I cannot think of something better and I'm sure that if I didn't tell you that those icons were piles of bacon, you never would have gotten it.
I give Elsewhere an A for it's awesome-ness. It's well deserved.
Hasta manana (pretend that first n has a little worm over it to sybolize en-yay. kay?),


Amanda said...

you're ALIVE!!!!!!

Tempestt said...

I love the snow globe on the cover of this book!