Sunday, September 13, 2009

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling

(WARNING!: Summary and Review WILL most likely contain spoilers. Venture on at your own risk.)

It all comes down to this - a final face off between good and evil. You plan to pull out all the stops, but every time you solve one mystery, three more evolve. Do you stay the course you started, despite your lack of progress? Do you detour and follow a new lead that may not help? Do you listen to your instincts, or your friends?
Lord Voldemort is preparing for battle and so must Harry. With Ron and Hermione at his side, he's trying to hunt down Voldemort's Horcruxes, escape danger at every turn, and find a way to defeat evil once and for all.
How does it all end?

Originality- 10/10
Characters- 20/20
Remembrance- 10/10
Setting- 20/20
Plot- 20/20
Ending- 9/10
Recommend To Read- 10/10
Total- 99/100
Grade- A

I feel that this is probably the first review where I've felt so antsy about spoilers.

God, I read this book the Christmas after the Hardcover edition came out and it was freaking brilliant.

I could honestly rant on about the series, this book actually but I doubt anyone has the time or want of that.

All I know is, is that this book is amazing. I can't pick my favorite out of the series - they all seem to mesh into this huge superbook that you can just drown in and never return if you didn't want to.

The originality is there, and practically screaming at you. The basic plot points are there, but just because you've seen them before you can't take away from them. There will always be an antagonist, there will always be the hero, and the people in between. Rowling just somehow knew how to make these factors into something we've never seen before.

Harry is the hero that we all want. He has his faults, but I could never hate him for anything he does because he is just too good for that. I feel his struggles, and how he feels the need to save people from this vile monster who's trying to destroy everything he considered to be his home.
And on the downside, I can see Voldemort as who he really is and the person he's trying not to be: Tom Riddle Jr. Once you get through to this layer of him, I don't think it's possible you can hate him as much as before. I just believe he is like Harry, only he never found happiness or someone to care for him - sure there were people like Bellatrix and all of his Death Eaters, but because of that he sees power as the best thing as opposed to love, the thing he never knew.

The Deathly Hallows was full of action. The prequels before Deathly Hallows had action as well, but they were limited to Hogwarts and they were never as dangerous or breathtaking as before. This was all over - in the forests, in the streets, in Malfoy Manor, man, and it isn't just about surviving school anymore. It's about living and fighting against these adult wizards and witches who have every reason to kill you just because they can and they're more experienced.

I love Rowling's style, because I feel in the moment and like I'm in danger through every step. You never know what will happen. She isn't afraid to kill her characters or bend the story in a certain way to make it all the more fantastic. When I got to the Final Battle, I wasn't sure that Harry would win because I was clinging to my last hope because I'd never seen the main character die before. I wasn't sure if I was relieved or disappointed, but in the end, I think that it's obvious good has to conquer evil in these books or there would be no point to it.

The search for the Horcruxes was phenomenal. It wasn't just about the Horcruxes to me, though, it was about what they struggled through to get it and then finding the courage to destroy them.

I was sad about the deaths, but then equally happy about those who survived and the information that Rowling put out about the future made me all the more satisfied, seeing what Harry was up to afterward. The only way I was disappointed about the epilogue is that it wasn't long enough for me. I know that I am but one of many who wish for another Potter book. I seriously want to see how Luna, James, and Albus are living through Hogwarts, no matter how boring the book may be with everything ending perfectly.